ValvePro Certified Companies:
Alliance Pipeline   •   Alyeska Pipelines   •   Argus Valve   •   ATCO Gas   •   BP   •   British Gas   •   Cameron Valves   •   Centra Gas   •   Chevron   •   ConocoPhillips   •   Dar-Kai Enterprises   •   Devon Energy   •   Dresser Valve   •   Duke Energy   •   Enbridge Pipelines   •   Exxon Mobil   •   Flint Field Services   •   Fortis Inc.   •   Greater Nile Petroleum Pipeline   •   InterPipeline Fund   •   JHU Technologies   •   Keyara Energy   •   Koch Pipeline   •   Lockhart Oilfield Services   •   Manitoba Hydro   •   Northern Valve Services   •   OHI Petroleum   •   Pacific Northern Gas Co. Ltd.   •   Pemex Petróleos Mexicanos   •   Petro China   •   Petroleum Development Oman   •   Provident Energy   •   Saudi Aramco   •   Sask Energy   •   Shell Canada   •   South Saskatchewan Pipeline   •   Spectra Energy   •   Sun Canadian Pipeline   •   TransCanada Pipelines   •   TransGas   •   Union Gas   •   Westcoast Energy   •   Williams Energy   •   Wizard Valve   •  


Q Can my company get a course put on just for us?
A Yes, both our lab and instructors are fully mobile! Just ask us.
Q Can I get certified by any other professional body?
A No. PETEX is the only certifying body for ValvePro throughout the world. Please note that the Certification Centers are merely the colleges/facilities where the classroom instruction and hands on training occur; the certification you receive comes only from PETEX.
Q Will I be further tested at the end of the hands-on training?
A Yes. In a one on one session with your instructor you will be asked to perform 12 tasks (e.g. seal a leaking valve) and you must satisfactorily perform all 12 tasks before you receive your certification.
Q How long will certification take?
A 40 to 60 hours of Computer-Based Learning, plus 3 days of classroom and hands-on training.
Q What is PETEX?
A The Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX) is a unit of the Division of Continuing Education at The University of Texas at Austin and has been training companies and individuals since 1944. Headquartered at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus north of the main university campus, PETEX develops, produces, and delivers technical and nontechnical training courses, publications, and audiovisual aids for the oil and gas industry.
Q What is Sealweld?
A Sealweld is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of equipment and products related to the service of valves inline and under pressure. Sealweld developed the ValvePro training program and continues to update and expand it. Sealweld works with PETEX to provide this training to the valve maintenance industry.

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