ValvePro Certified Companies:
Alliance Pipeline   •   Alyeska Pipelines   •   Argus Valve   •   ATCO Gas   •   BP   •   British Gas   •   Cameron Valves   •   Centra Gas   •   Chevron   •   ConocoPhillips   •   Dar-Kai Enterprises   •   Devon Energy   •   Dresser Valve   •   Duke Energy   •   Enbridge Pipelines   •   Exxon Mobil   •   Flint Field Services   •   Fortis Inc.   •   Greater Nile Petroleum Pipeline   •   InterPipeline Fund   •   JHU Technologies   •   Keyara Energy   •   Koch Pipeline   •   Lockhart Oilfield Services   •   Manitoba Hydro   •   Northern Valve Services   •   OHI Petroleum   •   Pacific Northern Gas Co. Ltd.   •   Pemex Petróleos Mexicanos   •   Petro China   •   Petroleum Development Oman   •   Provident Energy   •   Saudi Aramco   •   Sask Energy   •   Shell Canada   •   South Saskatchewan Pipeline   •   Spectra Energy   •   Sun Canadian Pipeline   •   TransCanada Pipelines   •   TransGas   •   Union Gas   •   Westcoast Energy   •   Williams Energy   •   Wizard Valve   •  


The ValvePro® training program will teach your personnel the following technical and operational skills:

  • Free a seized ball, gate or plug valve safely.
  • Seal stem and seat leakage for all makes and types of valves.
  • Safely inject lubricants, sealants and cleaners into valves under pressure.
  • Troubleshoot inoperable injection equipment.
  • Avoid costly mistakes in doing any of the above.
  • More effectively manage your current service provider.
  • Perform a complete valve integrity check including before-and-after service leakage verification.
  • Comply with new Federal and Provincial Occupation Health and Safety legislation.
  • Understand the characteristics, purpose, and application of valve cleaners, lubricants, sealants, and packing.
  • Learn the proper method for loading, operating and maintaining high pressure hand-held injection pumps with an emphasis on safety.
  • Understand safety aspects of buttonhead fittings and internal check valves for industry standard applications.
  • Identify and use specialty couplers and adapters.
  • Practice safe and effective lubrication procedures for all types of valves under pressure, and learn helpful tips that will sustain valves in service longer.
  • Learn by doing. Our lab is a custom training environment that includes the most popular makes and types of lubricated valves under controlled pressure conditions – air pressurized to 120 psi, which is safe yet simulates actual working conditions.
  • Acquire skills by solving real problems using state-of-the-art equipment in a simulated and pressurized environment to complete specific tasks related to servicing valves in-line and under pressure.

The Most Complete Valve Care Training in the Industry