ValvePro was developed in response to the large number of skilled and knowledgeable technicians that had left the petroleum work force. Between layoffs, retirements and amalgamations, the pipeline industry has been left with a short supply of in-house valve experts. New workers face significant risk and public safety is increasingly threatened as existing pipeline systems age.

The “ValvePro® Certified Valve Maintenance Technician” training program qualifies maintenance and technical personnel responsible for the operation, maintenance and sealing of plug, ball and gate valves. This course is intended for anyone seeking a career as a pipeline valve maintenance technician and for existing technicians who wish to enhance their skills and become certified. Individuals involved in pipeline construction, design, purchasing or engineering can also benefit from this program.

New valves need to be properly commissioned and existing ones need to be properly maintained. ValvePro shares its vast knowledge of the latest technologies, equipment and valve care products designed to prolong the service life of lubricated valves. It will also teach students the fundamentals of new valve commissioning and methods of troubleshooting valve integrity issues. Fugitive emissions from leaking valves can force unscheduled shutdowns. Performing regular maintenance while valves are inline and under pressure helps mitigate these shutdowns and saves the company from lost revenue.

The procedures exist, the products work, the investment in training is invaluable.